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2019 Mutual Fund Landscape

2019 Mutual Fund Landscape

| April 30, 2019

Our clients that take advantage of ongoing comprehensive reviews realize that our dynamic retirement planning process is a vital factor regarding their long-term financial success. However, incorporating effective investment solutions to achieve long-term income and growth goals cannot be overlooked. Given our fiduciary responsibility and the elimination of any form of compensation from investment companies that comprise any potential investment strategies considered for our advisory clients, our decision to utilize Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is based only on extensive objective, academic research and 30 years of practical retirement planning experience.

We’d like to share some of that research with you today. The video below highlights the difficulty of using “past performance” as a guideline in the investment selection process. After watching, if you would like more detailed information on the subject, click the Report link below. Of course don’t hesitate reaching out to our office if you have any questions.

Click below for the:

2019 Mutual Fund Landscape Report