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Partnering with US Financial Services, LLC

Partnering with US Financial Services, LLC

| June 27, 2022

After another “interesting” year together, I hope this letter finds you and your family in good spirits and in good health. The HDR team has not been immune to bouts of COVID; however, we are all healthy and ready for 2022. On that note, we have some exciting news to share with you.

When I started this firm 35 years ago, my goal was simple and straightforward - provide financial advice to our clients that mirror what I would do for my own family given the same circumstances. Combining this with attentive and highly personalized service was my recipe for successful advisor/client relationships. We doubled down on that goal when Christina Dziadzio joined the firm 17 years ago, and we continue to recognize this approach as vital to our firm’s and our clients’ continued success – especially as challenges mount from both industry and financial market perspectives.

With this goal of ALWAYS “being there” for our clients, Christina and I acknowledge that the long-term continuity of our firm is imperative for both clients and our staff. Many of you have acknowledged this as well, as I have gotten older and Christina has taken on more and more of both advisory and operational roles at the firm over the past several years. We also understand that continuing to add value and expertise to our client relationships, and not taking those relationships for granted, are keys to our continued success together.

In 2019, Kestra Financial (the owner of our broker-dealer and investment adviser platform) announced the formation of Bluespring Wealth Partners. Bluespring was created by Kestra to partner with and support successful, legacy-minded financial advisory firms like ours. Their goal is to provide streamlined successor identification and training, to provide capital and industry expertise to help partner firms grow, and to help ensure that the legacy of that firm continues for clients and staff. Given our 19-year relationship with Kestra, we knew this opportunity provided by Bluespring was aligned with all of our stated firm and client goals.

We have accepted a financial partnership arrangement with Bluespring and our partnering advisory firm U.S. Financial Services, LLC. (effective Feb. 18th). Rest assured that you will not notice any structural change. Myself and our staff will remain in place and, in fact, will enjoy enhanced benefits and opportunity for professional growth. Furthermore:

  • All of your account #s and investments, contribution/distribution schedules, online access credentials, etc. remain as-is
  • Our telephone numbers and address DO NOT change 
  • The websites and credentials used to log into your accounts do not change
  • Our ongoing meetings/review process will not change 

Although your accounts and your relationships with our staff will remain as is, we will no longer operate as Hudson Dynamic Retirement. Our company name will transition to U.S Financial Services, LLC.

We firmly believe that partnering with U.S Financial Services will benefit you on many fronts at no additional cost, and are simply “additive” to all of the services we have provided. A few important benefits you will realize include:

  • Enhanced “in-house” estate planning services - CPAs and other experts with considerable experience in dealing with the most complex estate tax and planning issues.
  • Enhanced portfolio design and investment services - We will now have 2 CFAs (Certified Financial Analyst) on staff to aid in portfolio design, investment selection and analysis, and client communication.
  • A marketing department - Improved client communications regarding important and timely information related to your portfolio, your retirement, and legacy and estate planning concerns.
  • Operational Support – With a significantly larger support staff, your advisors will be able to focus more time on you and less time dealing with “behind the scenes” service issues vital to maintaining a smooth and efficient relationship.

Although U.S. Financial Services main office is located in Fairfield, NJ, USF has offices in other states throughout the country and will be adding our existing HDR office in Elmsford, NY as another hub! To learn more about our new firm go to: Be aware there are other financial-related firms of a similar name, so please let us know right away if you have any questions.

I have personally known Steve Gallo, Gerry Papetti and the other principal owners of U.S. Financial Services for more than 10 years. I have worked with and have known Stuart Silverman, who now heads Bluespring, for more than 40 years. I have always admired their character, professionalism and expertise as leaders in their field.

The decision to join U.S. Financial Services did not come lightly, as continuing and improving the trusted relationships we have developed with our clients for so long was of paramount importance. Too many firms fall short of this ideal in today’s environment, and anything less was unacceptable. I hope you find comfort in knowing we have carefully planned for the long-term continuity of our relationship and look we look forward to working with you and your family for many years to come.