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Client Access

Wealthscape Investor
Use this interface to access all of your brokerage accounts held with National Financial Services, LLC (NFS, LLC). It will provide access to individual statements, e-delivery options for those account statements, and tax documents.

Albridge (Partnerview) 
This consolidation and robust reporting system allows you to view all of your investment accounts (brokerage and direct held) in one place. It offers many different types of reports (statements, performance, benchmark comparisons, transactions, etc.) which can even be e-delivered automatically each month.

This service walks you through all of the steps to efficiently communicate all of your wishes and important information to your loved ones if/when you are not here to do so. Create a secure, digital archive to equip your loved ones with all the information necessary to efficiently manage your affairs if something should happen to you.

This digital wealth management portal allows you to organize and aggregate your financial life – whether or not it is invested with Hudson Dynamic Retirement. It can aggregate things like banks accounts, 401k plans, insurance, debts, and your most important documents. It can be accessed effortlessly via many devices for ease of use (computer, smart phone, ipad, etc.) via our encrypted web portal.