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Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investing your assets is always aligned to accomplish your unique and clearly defined long-term goals. The planning process of our relationship is the most important aspect regarding our understanding of what your money must do for you over time and drives the subsequent investment strategy implemented to accomplish those goals. It helps us define what level of portfolio growth is required to help ensure you don't exhaust assets prematurely while still accommodating the required level of income to meet your future or current income needs in retirement. However, it must also allow for important liquidity needs that may arise along the way. 

Below you will find articles and videos that will help you understand our investment approach in greater detail. We also encourage you to visit our Blog Page for timely information that will focus on current market issues, pertinent investment topics, planning strategies and many things relating to understanding our firm, our people and the relationship with our clients.

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Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) - Our Investment Philosophies Are Aligned

Although we share important investment philosophies and we feel Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), in our opinion, is the most effective means available at this time to efficiently capture and enhance market returns, we are not affiliated with DFA in any way. DFA does not compensate us or provide any financial incentives to use its funds.

Given the advantages that DFA provide as a client investment solution (as well as for our company 401k plan), DFA funds are utilized in many client portfolios. Of course we can use virtually any type of investment solution in the marketplace to help meet client objectives.

Understand our shared investment philosophy in a more in-depth manner to see why we feel Dimensional can play an important role in helping us, help you, accomplish your long term financial goals:

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) - website