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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is much more than just wills, trusts and tax avoidance. A comprehensive understanding of your long term retirement picture, and the capacity to adapt to changing laws and personal goals are also vital components of any effective plan. It is also common to overlook the “intangibles” of leaving assets to loved ones and the creative strategies necessary to maximize intended outcomes – both financial and emotional.

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Store and Share Everything Important With the Ones You Love

An Everplan is a secure, digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you. It may contain any or all of the following:

• Wills, Trusts, and insurance policies
• Important accounts and passwords
• Info about your home: bills, vendors, etc.
• Health and medical information
• Advance Directives and DNRs
• Final wishes and funeral preferences
• And much more...

This is a value added service that we provide to our clients at no cost. View the videos below for more information or contact us today to get started with your own Everplan!

Why Choose Everplans

Why Choose Everplans from Everplans on Vimeo.

What is an Everplan

What is an Everplan from Everplans on Vimeo.