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Inter-Generational Planning

Building a Meaningful Legacy for Future Generations

If you wish to leave a legacy to children, grandchildren or other successors, we can help plan the building and passing of wealth for the generations that follow you. We know how much it matters to make an actual positive difference in the lives of those you love. That is why we take particular care with smooth transitions as well as planning an inheritance that can help improve lives long-term.

A Relationship Built on Earned Trust

Because our approach is very personal and highly individualized, we get to know our clients very well, and so, in turn, their family and successors can also form a good working rapport with our team. This is important because one of the most valuable ways we can help is communication and facilitation between the generations. We believe that a truly dynamic legacy planning process encourages children and successors to participate. To help make sure your legacy will pass on and endure as well as possible, we:

  • Facilitate document gathering
  • Review estate planning documents
  • Coordinate combined retirement and estate planning
  • Facilitate the consolidation and communication of assets and your most important legacy goals
  • Monitor and expedite the execution of wills
  • Recommend plans that are designed to make a positive difference

Because of the relationships we have with partnering firms that offer many kinds of solutions, we can provide multiple strategies to handle even the most complex legacy goals. With us, you enjoy all the resources of a large firm, and you receive the personalized attention of a small team of expert advisors who really know you.

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