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Our Investment Philosophy

Hudson Dynamic Retirement’s investment philosophy is built on 30 years of experience helping more than 200 individuals reach retirement. The strategies we use are based on proven, Nobel Prize-winning academic research, not on conflicting Wall Street interests. Consequently, our clients have fared well through multiple bear markets; and because our disciplined, long-term investment philosophy aligns with that of Dimensional Fund Advisors, we have been selected as a qualified advisor. We believe when an advisor and fund manager share the same disciplined approach, chances increase that you will efficiently capture returns over time. We also “practice what we preach.” We utilize the same portfolio strategies that we recommend for our clients. 

Disciplined and Patient

A successful retirement is not based on predicting financial markets or the next economic cycle, nor do we react erratically to short-term changes. Fluctuations and bear markets are to be expected. Predictions are for those with a “crystal ball.” Instead, we take a steady, disciplined approach. We truly invest long-term.

Focused on Your Goals

Taking the long view keeps us focused on the big picture: your retirement goals. Every recommendation we make comes from asking ourselves, what must your money do to realize your long-term financial objectives—while at the same time, help minimize overall risk? How will changing circumstances impact your future standard of living? What steps can be taken today to enhance the likelihood of a successful retirement?

Flexible and Personal

Our investment philosophy firmly guides the way we plan and implement your retirement, yet we understand that your circumstances, comfort level and goals can change. That is why we feel a flexible and personalized approach serves you best. Everything we do is individualized to your specific needs and reviewed frequently.

 Key Questions for the Long Term Investor

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