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Our Process

Our Process for Planning a Dynamic Retirement

Our process is unique because it is so thorough. Each step builds on the previous as we carefully collect information. These discussions and reviews will continue for many years to come, keeping your retirement plan dynamically responsive to changing needs.

Large institutions may not invest that same level of care and individualized attention. Many prematurely move forward with investment solutions before fully understanding your comprehensive situation, needs and goals. We disagree with this approach. Thirty years of experience has shown us that retirement planning must be personal, flexible and dynamic. Achieving this depends on the close understanding and rapport we develop with clients right from the start.

The Introductory Interview

For a short introductory conversation, a phone call is fine. However, the best way to get to know us is to come to our Elmsford office. That way you will meet the team and experience our highly personal approach. The goal of this meeting is to get to know each other and determine if your needs match our expertise. Other than your time, there is no cost or commitment for this and the “Next Meeting,” as we endeavor to understand your situation sufficiently to determine if we can add value in addressing your retirement goals.

The Next Meeting

In this meeting we will go over preliminary planning spreadsheets and illustrations so you can visualize how we see your retirement picture. We may play out different planning scenarios depending on various life options you are considering. We may also provide specific recommendations depending on the complexity of your situation. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, we use encrypted video conferencing solutions to share information over the computer in real time.

Follow-up Meetings

There is no time limit to this process, and we realize everyone will adapt to new relationships in different ways. Some will want to implement recommended strategies right away while others will require additional discussions before they are comfortable to move forward. Some will want to have CPAs and attorneys involved. Of course, we always encourage the coordination of other advisors when addressing complex planning issues. Once an agreed upon strategy is reached, all fees and expenses will be discussed before the implementation process.

Ongoing Review Meetings

These meetings give us the opportunity to reconfirm your goals or to discuss important changes to your situation. Of course, the investment and planning strategies implemented may need to be adjusted to help accomplish your changing objectives. We will review portfolio performance net all fees and may present new strategies designed to enhance your likelihood of success. Reviewing your spending need is also a dynamic process affected by inflation and lifestyle changes. Since portfolio withdrawal rates directly affect portfolio strategies, this is usually a vital component to the review process.


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